Surkhandarya region

29.05.2019, 14:39
Why PPO leaders do not work well?
UzLiDeP in Surkhandarya has 50024 members. They are united in 684 primary party organizations. Do these primary links of the party justify their ...
23.05.2019, 14:55
UzLiDeP activist’s activities
As a result of the outreach activity carried out by Surkhandarya regional Kengash of UzLiDeP, PPO was created in the regional Perinatal Center, 20 ...
08.05.2019, 16:17
The head of UzLiDeP visited the participants of the Second World War
Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP Aktam Khaitov with members of the party’s deputy group in Surkhandarya ...
02.05.2019, 14:49
UzLiDeP’s Head got acquainted with activities of Surkhandarya Regional Council of the party
Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP Aktam Khaitov arrived in Surkhandarya region in order to become familiar with ...
25.04.2019, 17:23
Master class of the Women's Wing of UzLiDeP on the household lands of Zaynab Pardayeva (Shurchi District)
As it was reported earlier, representatives of UzLiDeP are visiting places, and with participation of experienced farmers, conduct master classes on ...
20.02.2019, 10:06
Crimes committed by women in Denau decreases from year to year
This was discussed at the open dialogue on “Happiness of a woman – happiness of society”, held in Denau district of Surkhandarya ...
01.10.2018, 12:52
Visiting reception: Drinking water for residents of «Kurama»
Altynsay district Council of UzLiDeP organized an exit reception for the residents of the «Kurama» makhalla.During the reception, about ...
06.08.2018, 10:47
UzLiDeP's exit reception: a new school will be built in the «Oriyat» makhalla citizens' assembly
Muzrabat district council of UzLiDeP organized an exit reception at the «Oriyat» makhalla citizens' assembly.Members of the party's ...
03.07.2018, 10:23
2.9 bn soums allocated from the state budget to repair pre-school № 19 in «Zartepa» makhalla
At a regular meeting of UzLiDeP deputy group in Angor district council of people's deputies, the report of the head of the district department of ...
29.06.2018, 18:44
Results of the exit reception of UzLiDeP - employment and solution of domestic problems
Angor district council of UzLiDeP in «Zartepa» makhalla held an exit reception. The leaders of the relevant organizations of the region ...
Ruziyev Alisher Abdumuminovich

Ruziyev Alisher Abdumuminovich

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