Khorazm region

23.04.2019, 17:35
Citizens of Pitnak are grateful to the deputy of UzLiDeP Ilkhom Durdiyev
A member of UzLiDeP deputy group in Khozarasp District Kengash of people's deputies Ilkhom Durdiyev conducted an on-site reception of voters in ...
23.04.2019, 17:31
400 people in the ranks of PPO LLC “UZTEX Shovot”
These days, reporting and election meetings are held in all district (city) Kengashes of the party, in primary party organizations of the cities and ...
17.03.2019, 07:07
Member of UzLiDeP faction Klara Jumamuratova studied issues concerning Urgench people
Deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis Klara Jumamuratova visited Urgench district of Khorezm region in order to hold a dialogue with ...
23.02.2019, 17:38
Deputy khokim addressed appeals of entrepreneurs on the spot
A meeting of UzLiDeP deputy group in Urgench district Kengash of people’s deputies was held.At the event, information of the Deputy district ...
18.02.2019, 22:33
A resident of Yangibazar district began entrepreneurial activities with the assistance of UzLiDeP
Sharofat Allaberganova lives in Buzkala village of Yangibazar district, Khorezm region. Being a teacher by profession, she is very interested in ...
20.09.2018, 11:09
New PPO at "Katqala teks" Ltd. was opened in Khorezm by UzLiDeP
The group of companies «Uztex group» is the largest vertical company for the production of textile products in the Republic of ...
06.08.2018, 16:50
Young workers and employees of JSC «GM Uzbekiston» received information about the State program «Youth is our future»
The Hazorasp district Council of UzLiDeP organized an event dedicated to explain the decree of the President of the country «Youth is our ...
30.07.2018, 17:54
Knowledge and skills of party members from the Gurlan district have been increased
The center for political education of the Khorezm regional council of UzLiDeP organized a training seminar to improve the skills of the leaders of ...
26.07.2018, 09:47
The State program «Yoshlar – kelajagimiz» («Youth – our future») is widely promoted on the ground
The Khazarasp district council of UzLiDeP organized a practical dialogue with the youth of «Nukus», «Gurlan», ...
21.06.2018, 16:08
Urgench deputies met with «Future deputies»
Under the project «Future deputies» a meeting «Deputy and youth» was held in the academic Lyceum № 1 at the Urgench branch of ...

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