Republic of Karakalpakstan

21.11.2017, 14:45
During the entrepreneurship week an open dialogue was organized for young entrepreneurs
During the Global Entrepreneurship Week, an open dialogue and master classes were organized with the participation of the heads of the company ...
13.11.2017, 21:33
A new primary organization was opened in Nukus
Nukus сity Kengash (Council) of UzLiDeP carries out work to realize the goals and tasks of the party, to expand the ranks of the party and protect ...
06.11.2017, 18:05
Prosperity and abundance in your garden
How important is face to face dialogue!? It outlines problems and shortcomings directly, distinctly and clearly. And of course the problems are ...
25.03.2015, 19:12
Meeting of trustee of Islam Karimov with voters of the Republic of Karakalpakstan
These days, the trustee of Islam Karimov from UzLiDeP holds meetings with voters in Karakalpakstan. Such events took place in the Kegeyli, Hodjeyli, ...
Turmanov Sagyndyk Turganbaevich

Turmanov Sagyndyk Turganbaevich

Chairman of the Council

Address: 56 Ernazar Olakuza str., Nukus city. 

Phone: 0-361 - 224-04-12