Andijan region

30.04.2021, 15:55
Deputy control: an entrepreneur wants to create a pomegranate orchard, but there are problems
Azizbek Mamadaliyev is the head of Mubina Tex production enterprise operating in Baliqchi district. The knitted goods produced at the enterprise are ...
12.02.2021, 11:30
UzLiDeP activist organizes free training courses for girls included in “Ayollar Daftari”
The Uzbegoyim training center in the city of Andijan was established in 2012 and had only 2 workplaces. With the aim of vocational guidance for girls ...
08.02.2021, 11:26
Deputy solves the problem
3261 citizens live in Nurafshon CAM of Andijan district. Several years ago, for unknown reasons, the mahalla was disconnected from the gas pipeline. ...
08.02.2021, 11:24
UzLiDeP activist allocates a scholarship for 10 schoolchildren of Markhamat district at his own expense
Qobiljon Obidov is one of the best entrepreneurs of Markhamat district. The private medical institution “Orifjon Ota”, which he opened, ...
02.02.2021, 11:03
Deputies and activists of the party about the propaganda of the essence and meaning of the Address
At the initiative of Andijan Regional Council of UzLiDeP, a roundtable discussion was held in Andijan city administration of the Chamber of Commerce ...
25.01.2021, 16:33
UzLiDeP deputy examines the state of rural medical centers
In 2005, a rural medical center was established for the population of citizens’ assemblies of Yuqori, Jevachi-1 and Jevachi-2 mahallas of ...
23.11.2020, 10:41
New transformer in Chumbogich
Residents of CAM Chumbogich of Andijan district constantly face the problem of uninterrupted power supply, which is especially noticeable in the ...
19.07.2020, 14:36
The street was paved with the assistance of UzLiDeP deputy
The road on Omad street of CAM Sanoat of Andijan district has fallen into disrepair, dust rises in summer and autumn, impassable mud in winter and ...
08.07.2020, 16:46
Assistance of UzLiDeP in obtaining a loan
A few years ago, a water basin was dug near the territory of CAM Oltinsoy in Kurgantepa district. However, due to indifference, the pool began to dry ...
08.07.2020, 16:45
UzLiDeP activists spent the funds accumulated for the Hajj on paving the road
Muborakhon Rakhimova, who lives in the house No. 106 on Yorkin Street, citizens’ assembly of Mingtepa makhalla, is an active entrepreneur, a ...

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