Andijan region

19.01.2018, 09:45
«I established my own business, with the assistance of UzLiDeP» - says businessman A.Bozorboev from Andijan
Andijan district council of UzLiDeP organized a round table under the motto "We are responsible for the future of the Motherland!" in LLC ...
08.01.2018, 11:59
Household plots -source of stable income
Dilbarkhon Shodmonova lives in Korayontok mahalla of Jalakuduk district. On her household plot of 30 acres, she grows tomatoes, cucumbers and after ...
24.11.2017, 21:21
“Jo Smart Advice” company held a master class in Andijan
Andijan regional council of UzLiDeP conducted a "round table" on "Attraction of youth to entrepreneurship" in Andijan Agricultural Institute. It was ...
15.11.2017, 17:41
Confidence of voters will increase the authority of our party
– My daughter Kh. Halimova was born in 2008 with a congenital disability, – said D. Mamadalieva, resident of the makhalla "Yangi Hayot" ...
13.11.2017, 21:22
Visiting the house of mercy "Muruvvat"
The noble cases that are being carried out in our country are based on human interests. In particular, in the process of medical and social reforms ...
08.11.2017, 17:59
"Be braver! Open your business!"
Women’s wing of the Andijan Regional Council of UzLiDeP held a round table on the theme "Be Brave! Open your business!" at the family ...
06.11.2017, 18:08
Dialogue and conversations – the way to solve the problems of residents in remote villages
The women's wing of the Andijan Regional Council of UzLiDeP organizes trips to remote villages in order to solve the problems of women.– We are ...
18.10.2017, 17:25
The execution of the decree is in action
Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to radically improve the system of protecting the rights and legitimate interests ...
12.10.2017, 18:05
PPO leaders are politically active
The primary party organization (PPO) of the Izboskan district organized a dialogue on "Increasing the political knowledge of leaders and activists of ...

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