Bukhara region

24.05.2023, 18:06
Delegates elected to the regional conference
These days, the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan is holding pre-election events – regional conferences.Participants of party conferences ...
15.04.2023, 15:06
The renewed Constitution – a guarantee of peaceful and tranquil days
Gijduvan district administration hosted an open-air event, organized at the initiative of regional and district councils of UzLiDeP. The event took ...
11.08.2022, 15:58
Deputies studied the implementation of the state program “Prosperous Neighborhood”
To develop the mahalla and improve the standard of living of the population in the Year of Ensuring Human Interests and Mahalla Development, the ...
05.08.2022, 17:05
IT Technologies: Meeting on a current issue
In the center “Barkamol Avlod” in Bukhara region, there are center in which they increase the interest of schoolchildren in professions. ...
05.08.2022, 17:05
Activities of the deputy: Problems of the population are solved at on-site receptions
During the on-site receptions organized by the deputy of Jondor district council of people’s deputies Nodirbek Suvonov, the problems of ...
23.05.2022, 16:30
Deputies actively contribute to the election of chairmen (aksakals) of citizens’ assemblies
The regular elections of the chairmen of the CAM are held at a high level in the city of Bukhara, and throughout the country.Deputies of local ...
16.05.2022, 09:29
A deputy assists in the repair of housing for needy families
A deputy of the Council of People’s Deputies of Karavulbazar district held an outreach reception in Tinchlik mahalla of his constituency to ...
08.07.2021, 16:51
Internal roads repaired with the assistance of a deputy
Deputy of Bukhara city council of UzLiDeP Nodir Khamdamov is improving his constituency. So, at his request, Bukhara Unitary Enterprise for the ...
28.06.2021, 10:56
The streets of the mahalla repaired after the deputy request
Having studied the condition of the roads of his constituency and the appeals of residents, the deputy of Bukhara regional and Council of ...
14.06.2021, 10:58
Chairmen of mahallas make a report
A regular meeting of the deputy group of Bukhara regional council of UzLiDeP took place. Olim Saidov, the Chairman of Zarmanok CAM, presented a ...

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