Bukhara region

28.04.2021, 16:47
Unemployed women in Bukhara study professions free of charge
At the initiative of Bukhara Regional Council of UzLiDeP and the “Women’s Wing” of Bukhara City Council of the Party within the ...
28.04.2021, 16:43
Deputies organized an off-site reception and medical examination of the population in Peshku
At the initiative of UzLiDeP deputies Halimjon Safarov and Matluba Badriddinova, a medical examination of the population was carried out by ...
05.04.2021, 19:22
UzLiDeP activist assists in employment of 11 citizens, included in the “youth” and “iron” notebooks
The PPO of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, has been formed in ...
05.04.2021, 17:21
10 young people are taken under patronage in Kagan
In the vocational school of Qorovulbazar district, the Youth Affairs Department of Bukhara regional Council of UzLiDeP, in cooperation with the ...
26.03.2021, 15:42
A citizen included in the “Women’s Notebook” has employed three people and assisted those in need
3278 women are registered in the “Women’s Notebook” in Gijduvan district of Bukhara region.99 of those wishing to engage in ...
08.02.2021, 11:28
Bukhara holds sports competitions under the motto “Love Sports, Live with Sports!”
At the initiative of Bukhara regional Council of UzLiDeP, sports competitions are held together with partner organizations.During his visit to ...
18.12.2020, 10:58
Deputy from Bukhara distributes food products to those in need
Within the framework of the project “17 years to UzLiDeP: charity and help to 17 thousand families”, a member of UzLiDeP deputy group of ...
14.12.2020, 12:22
90 families in need are provided assistance
Within the framework of “17 years to UzLiDeP: generosity and assistance to 17 thousand families” project, a member of the deputy group of ...
23.11.2020, 10:41
Vobkent hosts mass walking marathon
Department of the Ideological Organizational and Outreach Work of Bukhara regional Council of UzLiDeP in Vobkent district organized a mass walking ...
09.11.2020, 10:47
Deputy takes part in the repair of Jondor district school where he studied
Shukhrat Boboyev, a deputy of Jondor district council of UzLiDeP, was active in replacing old school desks in the 13th school of his constituency, ...

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