Navoiy region

19.12.2022, 09:52
Deputy assists: in delivering 10 tons of coal to the population
As previously reported, a working group consisting of deputies and activists of UzLiDeP, visiting places, studies the problems associated with ...
10.06.2022, 10:22
Party representatives got acquainted with the activities of Zarafshon Burdokichilik LLC
Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, head of the UzLiDeP faction Aktam Khaitov got acquainted with the activities of ...
14.10.2021, 19:32
Shavkat Mirziyoyev meets with Navoi voters
On October 13, the candidate for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with ...
14.06.2021, 10:48
Winners of Navoi regional stage of “Ishbilarmon Ayol” competition identified
The Center of Spirituality and Enlightenment of the city of Navoi hosted the Navoi regional stage of the Republican Competition “Ishbilarmon ...
11.05.2021, 14:07
An entrepreneur’s promising project fails. Why?
An entrepreneur from Navbahor, head of LLC PARADAES GARDEN Sh. Turdiyev has built a plant with a processing capacity of 30 tons of fruit per hour on ...
11.05.2021, 09:46
A woman from Navoi sells at least 250-300 kilograms of cucumbers per day
Main attention in Uzbekistan is paid to supporting entrepreneurs and involving young people in entrepreneurial activity.Representatives of the ...
28.04.2021, 16:44
Is it necessary for the senator to intervene in the restoration of a citizen’s disability benefit?
A noble cause knows no boundaries. Thanks to a good deed, this or that problem of a needy person is solved, and confidence in the present day is ...
08.02.2021, 11:27
Kanimekh Youth Mini-Football Competition
Competitions among youth groups were held on the field of the children’s and youth sports school of Kanimekh district.In accordance with the ...
08.02.2021, 11:25
Why does an entrepreneur need an old building in a mahalla?
The problems of the local population were studied at the reception of the deputy of Nurata district council and Navoi regional council of ...
25.01.2021, 16:32
The proposals forwarded by the President urge us to take practical action
The center of political education of Navoi regional party organization of UzLiDeP conducts training workshops to study the essence and significance ...
Dushanov Yashin Ravshanovich

Dushanov Yashin Ravshanovich

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