Samarkand region

19.07.2018, 18:51
Installation of transformers and street lights are taken under control during the exit reception of UzLiDeP
The Bulungur district council of UzLiDeP organized an exit reception in the Yangikurgon makhala. It was attended by employees of the district party ...
09.07.2018, 18:05
UzLiDeP's exit reception: the roof of the house will be repaired
Nurabad district council of UzLiDeP held an exit reception for residents of the «Girdikurgon» and «Omandara» makhallas.The ...
05.07.2018, 18:15
State program «Yoshlar – kelajagimiz» provides concessional loans and property to youth for leasing
In recent years, consistent work has been carried out in our country to involve young people in small business and private entrepreneurship, to ...
04.07.2018, 17:46
Problem with liquefied gas in the «Pangat» makhalla will be solved after the exit reception
The Kushrabat district council of UzLiDeP in the village Shohol MGС «Pangat» held an exit reception.During the event, Akhmad-Bobo Ochilov ...
03.07.2018, 10:22
UzLiDeP helps to expand entrepreneurial activity
Samarkand entrepreneurs well know G. Azimbaeva from the Taylak district. She sews clothes that are in demand in the domestic market. Therefore, it ...
26.06.2018, 12:13
Production of the winner of the "Ishbilarmon ayol" contest S. Salimova is exported to Japan
Samarkand regional council of UzLiDeP held the regional stage of the contest "Ishbilarmon ayol". The contest was attended by 48 women entrepreneurs, ...
19.06.2018, 16:35
16 entrepreneurs plan to build a private kindergarten in Jambay district
At the regular meeting of the UzLiDeP deputy group in Jambay district council of people's deputies the information of the head of the Jambay district ...
07.06.2018, 09:31
It is possible to receive income of 20-25 million soums per year from a greenhouse on 2 ha
Jambay district council of UzLiDeP organized a dialogue on the topic «Homestead - a source of income» in «Toshkent» ...
29.05.2018, 11:39
Deputies of UzLiDeP will consider the issue of placing pre-school educations on the first floor of high-rise buildings at the session of local council of people's deputies (video)
A regular meeting of the UzLiDeP deputy group was held in the Samarkand city council of people's deputies. At the meeting the deputies heard the ...
25.05.2018, 15:17
Reforms in the judicial-legal system: the beginning of a new stage of the sphere (+ video)
The Samarkand regional council of UzLiDeP together with the regional department of the chamber of advocates, the regional department of justice, the ...

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