Kashkadarya region

The meeting of the deputies group discussed important issues

The meeting of the UzLiDeP deputy group in the Karshi district council of People's Deputies was held. The event discussed the implementation of the decree "On measures for the further implementation of market mechanisms in the gas supply system", as well as the reasons of rising prices for food... more

Household plot-source of additional income

Each decree and resolution of the President of our country objectively notes the progress achieved in a certain field, analyzes the problems and shortcomings on the path of sustainable development of the system. A vivid confirmation of this is the decree of the head of our state "On measures to... more

Primary party organizations - support for entrepreneurs

Within the project «Primary party organizations of  UzLiDeP -support to owners of household plots», employees of the Kashkadarya regional and Kasansk district councils of UzLiDeP together with members of the PPO visited the home of Eldor Rakhimov in mahalla "Nartibaland". It should be... more

UzLiDeP protects the interests of women farmers

Within the framework of the project "Women-farmers", Yakkabag district council of UzLiDeP organized an event in the farm "Rizo ota". Speakers noted that this project contributes to the socio-political status of women. – Since childhood, I was interested in the agrarian sphere, – said the head of... more

On the path of development of women's entrepreneurship

Guzar district council of UzLiDeP organized an event within the project "From family business to strong family”. It was noted that in our country creates thousands of new jobs for youth and women, develops small business and private entrepreneurship, family business and work at home. – In our... more

Book is the wings of thought

Under this title, the «Women's wing» of UzLiDeP organized an event in the secondary school No. 1 of Nishan district. The event included an exchange of views on the current state and problems in the sphere of reading the book, on the culture of reading, on electronic libraries and on innovative... more

The road was repaired after the measures taken by the deputy

First of all, the deputy must gain the recognition of the electorates, who have expressed confidence in him. Deputy should always take care of the people, should do everything to improve their life conditions. A deputy who listens to the problems of the people, tries to help them in their solution... more

Administration reimbursed to the entrepreneur the debt of 179 mln. soums

Kashkadarya regional council of UzLiDeP organized a round table on "Favorable business environment - an important factor in the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives" in the city of Karshi. At the event, with the participation of representatives of commercial banks, consulting, marketing... more