Navoi region

Chairman of the Council: Dushanov Yashin Ravshanovich

Address: 34 S.Ayni str., Navoi city

Phone: 8436 - 225-17-88

Fax: 8436 - 225-68-23



Deputy helped to set up a bus route

Deputies' groups of UzLiDeP carry out systematic work on studying the activities of free economic zones (FEZ). The deputy group of the Navoi regional Kengash of people's deputies studied the activities of the Navoi FEZ. During the study, along with the success, some problems were found. In... more

Increasing the political activism of youth is a topical issue

Center for Political Education (CPE) of the Navoi regional council of UzLiDeP carries out a series of events on the ground to study the report of the President of our country at the videoconference with the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, political parties and... more

Interaction between CIS countries is being strengthened

Узбекистан активно участвует в многостороннем сотрудничестве в рамках Содружества Независимых Государств СНГ, что способствует развитию связей нашей страны с его участниками в различных сферах. СНГ является своего рода координационным механизмом многопланового взаимодействия и площадкой для прямого... more

Actual tasks are discussed

These days, the center for political education of UzLiDeP deeply studies the tasks outlined in the report of the head of our state «Our country's parliament should become a school of true democracy, the initiator and main implementer of reforms.» Karmana district council of UzLiDeP organized a... more

The transition to a new public administration system

Yashin DUSHANOV, Chairman of the Navoi regional council of UzLiDeP, member of the Political Council of UzLiDeP: – The experience of developed countries shows that the ultimate success of societies depends on the reform of public administration. Today, Uzbekistan is improving the system of... more

Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s meetings with voters of Navoi and Bukhara regions

The candidate for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen – Liberal-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (UzLiDeP), Shavkat Mirziyoyev, met voters of Navoi region on 4 November. The meeting was opened by the general director of joint-stock company "... more

Youth of independent country is happy

From the first days of independence in our country special attention is paid to the upbringing of harmoniously developed younger generation as to be physically healthy and spiritually mature, intellectually rich, having not only the comprehensive knowledge and popular professions in the modern... more

UzLiDeP contest «Business Student» has taken place in Navoi

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence, in order to expand the number of young entrepreneurs, increase their economic knowledge and skills, support youth initiatives and projects, Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP organized the republican stage of the... more

Political reforms are an important factor for the development of the country

On the eve of 25th anniversary of our country's state independence the Committee on Legislation, Judicial and Legal Issues in conjunction with Navoi regional council of people's deputies held a "round table" on the theme: "Political reforms are an important factor for the development of the country... more