Syrdarya region

Chairman of the Council: Nazarov Sobirjon Saidimkulovich

Address: 95 Uzbekistan str., Gulistan city

Phone: 0367 - 225-46-46

Fax: 0367 - 225-23-26



Young farmers - authors of new initiatives

According to statistical data, more than 5,800 young farmers work in our country. In this case, UzLiDeP regularly hold a contest "Young Farmer to support young farmers, popularize their successes, and familiarize them with national and foreign experience. The Sirdarya regional stage of this... more

"Youth wing" - defender of legal and political interests of youth

In our country, huge works is being implemented on educating the younger generation to modern knowledge and professions in accordance with world standards, the formation of physically healthy and spiritually mature personalities, promoting the realization of their talents and potential, educating... more

"Young Liberals" club was created in Gulistan

"Young liberals" club in the Gulistan State University was organized in order to make a worthy contribution to the upbringing of the youth in the spirit of respect for the national idea, love and devotion to the Motherland and unite around the "Youth wing" of UzLiDeP active and enterprising young... more

UzLiDeP deputies do not overlook the population's problems

Today, life is changing rapidly, putting forward all new demands. Every person, especially a deputy, should look at life in a new way, watchfully watch it. If somewhere there is a question disturbing the population, it should not be ignored. A deputy, who takes into account each issue, makes... more

Entrepreneurs got acquainted with small industrial zone in Yangiyer

The Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP organized a visit of business entities to small industrial zone in Yangiyer, Syrdarya region. Production of textile, leather-shoe, chemical, food, electrical products, building materials, deep processing of fruits and vegetables and... more

Meeting with young people

In Oqoltin District of Sirdaryo Region, a round-table conversation has been held on the subject of “Neighbourhood champions”.  The Sirdaryo Regional council of the Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party arranged this round-table conversation. It was attended by officials of the Regional... more

Small business and innovative technologies

The Sirdaryo Regional council of the movement of entrepreneurs and businessmen - the Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party has conducted a training seminar on the subject of “Innovative technologies – opportunities for the development of small and family businesses”.  D.Orolova, the... more

Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s meeting with voters of Sirdaryo Region

The candidate for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the movement of entrepreneurs and businessmen – the Uzbekistan Liberal-Democratic Party (UzLiDeP), Shavkat Mirziyoyev, met voters of Sirdaryo Region on 19 November.  The meeting was opened by the candidate’s authorised... more

MPs of UzLiDeP faction meet with voters

As previously reported, these days according to the Regulations of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis MPs of the Legislative Chamber are meetings with voters in their constituencies. Deputy of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Oybek Egamov has met with voters in his constituency... more

Members of the faction meet with voters

Members of UzLiDeP faction in the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis hold meetings with their voters in their constituencies. So far MPs have conducted more than 100 meetings and discussions with party's electorate at places. Deputy A. Shodmonov (lower house of parliament) who was elected from... more