Tashkent city

Chairman of the Council: Nazarov Turabek Tursunovich

Address: 77 “a”Nukus str.,Tashkent city

Phone: 0371 - 215-67-62

Fax: 0371 - 281-41-19

E-mail: tsh@uzlidep.uz


Actual tasks are identified

At the initiative of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP, a training seminar was organized on the preparation and conduct of elections to the district Councils (Kengashs) of people's deputies of the city of Tashkent. It was attended by members of the party's faction of... more

Important tasks are identified (video)

The Tashkent сity сouncil of UzLiDeP together with the Tashkent city territorial department of the independent institute for monitoring the formation of civil society held a seminar on the topic "Participation of deputy groups in providing priority tasks for the social and economic development of... more

Report-election meetings completed

The elections to district Kengashes (Councils) of People’s Deputies of the city of Tashkent will be held on December 24, 2017. In order to organize these elections, the report - election meetings of the primary party organizations (PPO) are held on these days. The chairman of the Mirabad... more

Continuation of the high-level dialogue in Tashkent

Mirjamol Mirsaidov, First deputy chairman of the Tashkent city council of UzLiDeP: – Describing the core directions of Uzbekistan’s modern foreign policy, Shavkat Mirziyoyev has confirmed that the region of Central Asia is a main priority and named it to be “a conscious choice”. “A peaceful... more

Democratic elections is guarantor of free and prosperous life

Each passing day brings us closer to an important political process to the upcoming elections in district Kengasha of People's Deputies of the city of Tashkent. Therefore, UzLiDeP conducts systematic work to hold elections at a high level. – In these days, our country is actively preparing for... more

Electoral campaign launched

It is known that elections will be held on December 24, 2017 to the district councils of people’s deputies of Tashkent city. Currently, there is an active preparation for the organized holding of this important political event at a high level. In order to hold high-level elections, meetings and... more

More than 150 young people provided with jobs in Tashkent

Tashkent City Council of UzLiDeP organized a working group to provide employment for unorganized youth and graduates of vocational colleges. The working group studies vacant places and conducts active work on their employment. These issues were discussed at a two-day practical seminar, which was... more

Activities of liquidated enterprises are being restored in Tashkent

The Tashkent city council of UzLiDeP has conducted a round table on the theme «A favorable business environment is an important factor in implementing business initiatives». At the event MPs, deputy groups in local councils, representatives of partner organizations and entrepreneurs studied... more

Depicter of spring and beauty

At the initiative of the Tashkent city council of the Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party, a literary-artistic evening entitled “Zulfiya - a woman who turned into a national pride” has been held at the Uzbek State University of World Languages.  M.Akromova, deputy chairperson of the... more

Development and liberalization of the economy is on the spotlight of UzLiDeP

On February 16-17 of this year Tashkent city council of UzLiDeP held a two-day seminar titled «Actual tasks for development of small business and private entrepreneurship» to discuss the realization of the measures mentioned in the third direction on action strategy on further developing of the... more