#UzAfg2018. Enlightenment and education - key to people's prosperity

30.03.2018, 16:16

#UzAfg2018. Enlightenment and education - key to people's prosperity

UzLiDeP believes that the Tashkent Conference provided a unique opportunity for open and comprehensive discussions on a wide range of issues regarding the Afghan peace process, counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics efforts, regional economic cooperation and stimulated the elaboration of mutually agreed solutions.

At the same time, the conference participants stressed that today there is a struggle not just for the peaceful future of Afghanistan, but for common security, for a world without terrorism, fanaticism and violence. In this context, we support the President's proposals that all external forces unconditionally support the Afghan government in an effort to eliminate the strongholds of foreign terrorist organizations in Afghanistan, deny financial and logistical support to terrorism

We believe that forceful methods of countering the growing terrorist threats in the world do not give the proper effect, the realization of the principle of «Enlightenment and education are key to people's prosperity» could make an invaluable contribution to peace and stability in the region.

In this sense, the initiatives of the President of Uzbekistan are particularly important, first of all, to adopt a special UN General Assembly resolution "Education and Religious Tolerance" which will provide universal access to education and eliminate illiteracy and ignorance.

Second of all, for better understanding of Islamic values and culture, we need to study our great ancestors-thinkers of the Islamic world and transmit information about them to the population.

Third of all, it is necessary to establish a special International Fund to Support Education in Afghanistan. At the same time, we are convinced that strengthening the intellectual potential should be a priority task of the state.

The creation of the fund is intended to assist Afghanistan in training its national cadres on the most demanded fields, allocation of scholarships and grants for talented students and young scientists. The formation of the prestige of education in society and the stimulation of youth aspiration to self-improvement is also the key to achieving sustainable and stable development.

In this regard, we note that Uzbekistan is actively developing the relationships in the sphere of humanities with Afghanistan. Center for training Afghan citizens specially established in our border town of Termez started functioning in January. At present, about 100 young men and women from Afghanistan are already studying there. It is planned to expand the list of specialties and directions for training Afghan specialists in this center.

In general, the initiatives put forward by the Head of State are designed to promote tolerance and mutual respect, ensure religious freedom, protect the rights of believers, and prevent their discrimination. In short, it will contribute to consolidating society and State, ensuring peace and stability and development of Afghanistan and the region as a whole.

Bakhtiyor Khudjayorov,

member of UzLiDeP deputy group

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