"Women's wing"

Prosperity and abundance in your garden

How important is face to face dialogue!? It outlines problems and shortcomings directly, distinctly and clearly. And of course the problems are solved. This was the main purpose of the meeting of the employees of the Kanlikul district council of UzLiDeP and the deputies of the regional Kengash of... more

Welcome to the first Business Week in Uzbekistan!

It is known that since 2006 the Business Week has been held in various countries of the world by the Global Business and Technology Association. It organizes various events, master classes with famous and successful businessmen of the world. It also discusses in detail the contribution of... more

"Be braver! Open your business!"

Women’s wing of the Andijan Regional Council of UzLiDeP held a round table on the theme "Be Brave! Open your business!" at the family enterprise "Sarkor-hamkor". During the event, Khurshidakhon Khalilova, deputy chairman of the party's regional council on women's issues, spoke about the benefits... more

Visiting the house of mercy "Muruvvat"

The noble cases that are being carried out in our country are based on human interests. In particular, in the process of medical and social reforms conducted under the leadership of the President of our country, special attention is paid to supporting persons with disabilities, ensuring their... more

Scientific and practical seminars for entrepreneurs

Khorezm regional council of UzLiDeP on the initiative of "Women's wing" holds regular meetings and seminars to further development of small businesses and family entrepreneurship. One such event took place in the makhalla "Ezgulik" of the village Honka. During the event on the theme "Innovative... more

Quality of medical services increases

On October 18, at the meeting devoted to the analysis of the ongoing reforms on improving the healthcare system, the quality and effectiveness of medical care, strengthening public health, providing qualitative medicines, the head of our state spoke about the achievements and shortcomings of the... more

Women's proposals were examined

The women's wing of the Kanlikul district council of UzLiDeP held a dialogue with women in the village «Jana kala». - During the conversation with women and girls, we studied their problems and suggestions, – said the deputy of the Kanlikul district council of people's deputies D. Abdullayev. –... more

UzLiDeP protects the interests of women farmers

During the years of independence, in our country, great attention was paid to the development and improvement of the agricultural sector as one of the leading sectors of the economy. The "Women's Wing" of Turtkul district council of UzLiDeP under the project "Women-farmers" held an event on the... more