Jizzakh region

15.01.2018, 09:42
12 employees of «Roison Home White Goods» became members of UzLiDeP
The seminar on "The role of the women's wing of UzLiDeP in strengthening women's political activity» was held at the enterprise «Roison ...
15.01.2018, 09:40
During a field visit of UzLiDeP, M. Kulbekov got a job in Yangiabad district
The Jizzak regional сouncil of UzLiDeP organized the field visit with the residents of the makhalla "Sarmich", and "Havotog" of Yangiabad ...
23.12.2017, 14:18
Club "Young liberals" is organized in Jizzakh
The youth department of the Jizzakh Regional Council of UzLiDeP organized a constituent assembly to establish the club "Young Liberals" and elect its ...
18.12.2017, 12:08
The Constitution is the legal guarantor of country's development and society's prosperity
The Jizzakh Regional Council of UzLiDeP organized a round-table conversation on the theme "The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan - the legal ...
09.12.2017, 19:03
MP met with voters
The strategy of action for five priority areas of Uzbekistan's development in the direction of state and public construction has placed particular ...
01.12.2017, 16:12
More than 10 problems were discussed at field reception
The Jizzakh regional council of UzLiDeP organized a field reception for residents in Zafarabad region. It was attended by members of the working ...
31.10.2017, 16:17
Deputies heard a report of the official
A regular meeting of the UzLiDeP deputy group was held in the Gallyaral district Kengash of People's Deputies.During the event, the report of the ...

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