Assistance of UzLiDeP deputies

25.05.2020, 10:33

Assistance of UzLiDeP deputies

The best qualities of a person are to help people in distress. And this quality is possessed by UzLiDeP deputies.

Employees of the regional party council visited a resident of Saykhunabad Rupia Mahmudova, brought her food products.

In the current economically difficult conditions, N. Ismoilova requested assistance in the regional council of the party. The Mirabad district council of the party provided her three children with clothes, presented the family with household items.

Deputies of Gulistan city council regularly visit families in need, provide them with necessary assistance. Therefore, deputy H.Tagayev provides several families with food products.

Deputies of the regional and Yangiyer city councils G. Jonjigitova, T. Olimova brought clothes to citizens affected by the flood in Sardoba.

Chairman of Syrdarya district council of UzLiDeP, deputy of the district council of the party Davron Nurillayev delivered household items worth 10 million UZS to citizens affected by the flood in Sardoba and are currently evacuated to the town of Pakhtaobod.

- We will not leave citizens affected by the flood in Sardoba in trouble, - said Davron Nurillayev. - We are obliged to visit them and provide with all possible assistance.

We will overcome all troubles. Good days will come. A new housing will be built for flood sufferers.

Dilorom Esonova,

Press Secretary of

Syrdarya Council of UzLiDeP

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