"Youth’s wing"

Young farmers - authors of new initiatives

According to statistical data, more than 5,800 young farmers work in our country. In this case, UzLiDeP regularly hold a contest "Young Farmer to support young farmers, popularize their successes, and familiarize them with national and foreign experience. The Sirdarya regional stage of this... more

If the people are rich, then the state will be rich and powerful

On this theme, the Jambay district council of UzLiDeP held an event in the Jambay auto-road professional college. At the beginning of the event, information on the work carried out in our country in ensuring the effective operation of entrepreneurs, the employment of college graduates, and the... more

Welcome to the first Business Week in Uzbekistan!

It is known that since 2006 the Business Week has been held in various countries of the world by the Global Business and Technology Association. It organizes various events, master classes with famous and successful businessmen of the world. It also discusses in detail the contribution of... more

Bukhara student's project aroused interest among entrepreneurs

In Bukhara region pays special attention to the full support of young people, enhancing their political knowledge and strengthen their sense of patriotism. The main goal of the club "Young liberals" of UzLiDeP also is to promote the formation of worthy people's representatives. The meeting of... more

Increasing the political activism of youth is a topical issue

Center for Political Education (CPE) of the Navoi regional council of UzLiDeP carries out a series of events on the ground to study the report of the President of our country at the videoconference with the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, political parties and... more

Youth directly familiarized with the activities of parliament

The Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP and its faction in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis held a conference on "Parliament – the defender of youth interests and school of democracy." It was attended by members of UzLiDeP, party's faction and 200 talented young men... more

"Youth wing" - defender of legal and political interests of youth

In our country, huge works is being implemented on educating the younger generation to modern knowledge and professions in accordance with world standards, the formation of physically healthy and spiritually mature personalities, promoting the realization of their talents and potential, educating... more

Upbringing the young generation harmoniously developed is an urgent task

The processes of globalization require the implementation of effective measures in the enrichment of the spiritual world of our children, strengthening their ideological immunity, protecting their consciousness from various harmful alien ideas and trends. This was discussed during the event... more

"Young Liberals" club was created in Gulistan

"Young liberals" club in the Gulistan State University was organized in order to make a worthy contribution to the upbringing of the youth in the spirit of respect for the national idea, love and devotion to the Motherland and unite around the "Youth wing" of UzLiDeP active and enterprising young... more