2.9 bn soums allocated from the state budget to repair pre-school № 19 in «Zartepa» makhalla

03.07.2018, 10:23

2.9 bn soums allocated from the state budget to repair pre-school № 19 in «Zartepa» makhalla

At a regular meeting of UzLiDeP deputy group in Angor district council of people's deputies, the report of the head of the district department of pre-school education N.Korkulova was heard.

As noted in the report, there are currently 16 state pre-schools in the district, 12 of them in rural areas, and 4 in the district center. In these educational institutions 144 teachers raise 2075 children.

– Today, 10 pre-school educational institutions of the district are provided with cameras, 16 - with gas stoves and refrigerators, with bedding sets for 119 million soums, - N. Korkulova said. – At the same time, they are equipped with modern medical equipment, fiction and toys, sports equipment, musical instruments and modern information and communication technologies for 4 billion soums.

In addition, this year, 2 billion 900 million soums have been allocated from the state budget for the construction of a preschool educational institution (PEI) No. 19 in «Zartepa» makhalla.

At the meeting, in order to provide PEI with high-quality food products, with «Surkhon tibbiet tallim taminot basasi» LLC, «Chorvador Normumin» and «Khurramova chorvachilik» farms concluded contracts for the supply of 22 types of food products.

At the meeting, relevant recommendations were made to increase the effectiveness of work in this direction.


head of the Angor

district council of UzLiDeP

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