When will the streets of Navruz makhalla be repaired?

14.07.2020, 15:49

When will the streets of Navruz makhalla be repaired?

Senator Nosirbek Abdullakhanov and deputy head of Namangan regional department for makhalla and family support Iroda Kuchkorova, who was elected as a deputy from UzLiDeP to Namangan regional Council of people’s deputies, studied the social problems of Nawruz and Mingchinor makhallas of the city of Namangan.

During the study, it was established that complaints were received from residents of the 4th neighborhood named after A. Irmatov, Zavqiy and Samandar streets of “Mingchinor” makhalla on the issue of electricity supply. In Mingchinor makhalla there are many objects and houses, a transformer with a capacity of 250 kW is not enough to provide these objects with electricity. As a result, interruptions in the supply of electricity often occur, which leads to the failure of electrical appliances in homes.

The issue of asphalting in the 1st neighborhood of Zavqiy, 4th neighborhood of Fayz street, Samandar and A. Irmatova streets is not resolved.

However, the poor condition of the roads between the 1st passage of Lolazor Street and 1-2-5-passages of Navruz Street. There are many potholes. Especially many inconvenience for the movement of cars and crossings arise in the autumn-winter period. Ambulances cannot enter these streets. Repeated appeals to the authorities on this issue were left without result.

The senator personally appealed to the relevant organizations and established control over the resolving the problem. Now we are waiting for how responsible officials will approach the problem.

For reference: Based on the appeals of the population of Imom Bukhoriy street of Boborahim Mashrab makhalla of the city of Namangan, the road is being repaired at the expense of the senator.


Press Service of Namangan

Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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