Systemic problem solving

27.05.2019, 11:37

Systemic problem solving

Deepening structural transformations and reforms in the economy are required to achieve the goals, in particular, to achieve a country's place in a number of developed countries. One of the most important, crucial tasks is elimination of barriers to development of private property and private entrepreneurship.

The low level of work on analyzing problems of small business and private entrepreneurship, the lack of an effective mechanism for coordinating the activities of ministries, departments, local executive authorities, and the inability to maintain business development initiatives in a timely manner and at the proper level have a negative impact on qualitative solutions to improve the business environment.

It should be noted that creation of reception offices of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan to consider appeals from entrepreneurs will allow organizing the work in this direction at a qualitatively new level. Now the quality and pace of work with appeals of entrepreneurs and foreign investors will increase, a direct dialogue with business people will be ensured, which will positively affect the socio-economic development of the territories, increase the level of employment of people, and the welfare of people. It will also eliminate barriers in allocating land and buildings, credit facilities, obtaining permits, provide opportunities for monitoring, summarizing and analyzing systemic problems in development of entrepreneurship and attracting foreign investment, and preparing proposals for improving legislation. The innovations introduced will ensure the compliance of the business environment in our country with the requirements and principles of a market economy, will become the impetus for further active development of private business and improvement of people's living standards.

 Oybek EGAMOV,

Deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the

Oliy Majlis, member of UzLiDeP faction

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