Household plot is a source of additional income

02.11.2017, 17:16

Household plot is a source of additional income

The project «Primary party organizations of UzLiDeP – support of beginner entrepreneurs on their own plot» is being implemented in the Uychi district, where each of the 75 primary party organizations added five families.

Activists of РРО and deputies of the district Kengash conduct an active conversation with families and teach them how to start a business on their household plot, how to effectively use it, and to get more profit.

In particular, the head of the department on work with the PPO E. Akhmedkhodjaev, the deputy of the district Kengash O. Anorboev and Sh. Kamalov, visited the house of B. Tolibboev. He planted 20 lemon bushes in his plot under the leadership of the "Vodijgaz Taminoti" company and takes good care of them. His family members also work with him, and they are very pleased with the work they have begun.

Activists of the party also visited the house of D. Kirgizov, who grows tomatoes, onions, garlic, and carrots in his farmstead. According to the owner of the household plot, this work, started on the recommendation and with the practical assistance of party activists, serves to form children's attitude to work and entrepreneurial skills.

Erkinjon Akhmedkhojayev,

Namangan Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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