Sirdaryo region

12.12.2019, 10:49
Candidate for deputy P. Akhmedjanova meets with voters
Khurriyat Palace of Culture in Bayaut district hosted a meeting of the candidate for deputy, nominated by UzLiDeP to the Legislative Chamber of the ...
25.10.2019, 17:13
Dialogue of UzLiDeP deputy with the youth of Syrdarya
The Department for Youth Affairs of Syrdarya Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP at Gulistan State University organized a meeting “Deputies and ...
23.09.2019, 18:00
Greenhouses are built in 145 Sardoba's houses this year
“Fargona” and “Sokhibkor” farms of Sardoba district hosted a workshop on “Resowing, organizing the efficient use of ...
04.09.2019, 15:51
It is necessary to prevent family divorces
A roundtable discussion was organized on this theme, organized by the department for working with women of Syrdarya regional kengash of UzLideP ...
23.08.2019, 14:26
Trip of Syrdarya youth to Parliament
Syrdarya regional kengash of UzLiDeP, in collaboration with the regional council of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, organized a trip of young people ...
01.08.2019, 10:47
President’s trips to the regions are the beginning of new transformations
Visits of the Head of the state to the regions always serve as the beginning of big positive changes. Residents of Syrdarya region note with ...
01.08.2019, 10:46
Proposals for UzLiDeP Pre-Election Program
A roundtable discussion was held with participation of activists of Syrdarya regional kengash of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople ...
25.07.2019, 09:43
Eight jobs are created at the expense of a bank loan
Guljakhon Karshiboyeva from Mirzachul, who graduated this year from the vocational college, created 8 jobs at the expense of a bank loan at the ...
18.07.2019, 15:16
At Syrdarya regional stage of “Ishbilarmon ayol” competition
Syrdarya hosted the regional stage of “Ishbilarmon ayol” (Businesswoman) competition.First, a demonstration of products made by the ...
14.06.2019, 15:57
Tashabbus 2019: Advanced experience platform
Gulistan city hosted Syrdarya regional stage of “Tashabbus 2019” competition for the prize of the President, held among entrepreneurs, ...

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