Sirdaryo region

01.06.2019, 10:09
UzLiDeP’s gift for youth from Sardoba
Within the framework of “Durdona” project, Syrdarya regional Kengash of UzLiDeP, at the children school of music and art No.9 of Sardoba ...
27.05.2019, 11:30
Master class from an experienced farmer from Mirzaabad
Syrdarya regional kengash of UzLiDeP organized a master class at “Mahmud qizi Maftuna” farm of Mirzaabad district. It was attended by 20 ...
22.05.2019, 15:40
Attention to a family – attention to people
Bayaut district Kengash of UzLiDeP together with the district branch of the Scientific Practical Research Center “Oila” organized a ...
15.05.2019, 17:09
Master class by UzLiDeP in LLC Mirzaobod Universal Trade Cluster
On the initiative of the Women's Wing of Syrdarya regional kengash of UzLiDeP, a master class was organized at LLC Mirzaobod Universal Trade ...
07.05.2019, 16:32
UzLiDeP activists became familiar with the activities of GULISTAN-MILI-TEXTILE LLC
Syrdarya regional Kengash of UzLiDeP organized a visit to GULISTAN-MILI-TEXTILE LLC in the city of Gulistan for party activists and young people who ...
03.05.2019, 16:33
Young entrepreneur from Mirzaabad district Maftuna Mamajonova is a participant of the regional stage of “Woman-entrepreneur” competition
Mirzaabad district stage of “Woman-entrepreneur” competition, held by UzLiDeP Women's Wing, took place.More than twenty women ...
02.05.2019, 16:59
Personnel with high potential are the guarantor of progress
Currently, 6992 students study at Gulistan State University. In the current academic year 1 thousand 31 students will finish their studies.The ...
25.04.2019, 17:22
UzLiDeP assisted in acquisition of 50 units of sewing equipment to an entrepreneur from Saykhunabad who wants to create 100 jobs
Syrdarya regional kengash of UzLiDeP together with Saykhunabad district khokimiyat within the framework of the State program “Every family is ...
23.04.2019, 17:33
Book Festival is organized for young people of Saykhunabad on the initiative of UzLiDeP
During his visit to Syrdarya region in February this year, the President focused on one of the five identified priority areas – improving the ...
22.04.2019, 17:21
“I work in the interest of young mothers”
“I organized my activities to meet the needs of young mothers. My goal is to provide free-of-charge special supplies produced throughout the ...

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