Qualitatively new level of activities of press services of the state bodies and organizations

04.07.2019, 14:52

Qualitatively new level of activities of press services of the state bodies and organizations

In the era of globalization, for a deep awareness of events taking place in the world and an understanding of their significance, each of us, first of all, is required to have independent thinking based on spiritual immunity. As in the current situation of the growing struggle of ideas and interests, the striving to replace the truth with a lie in dissemination of fake news becomes more active. And it would not be a mistake to say that it is in such conditions that the role and responsibility of the media increase as never before.

It should be noted the practicality and effectiveness of the work carried out in our country in the last two years to develop the media and improve the skills of media professionals. In this direction, the adoption of a resolution of the President “On additional measures for ensuring the independence of the media and development of press services of state bodies and organizations” not only creates a solid legal basis for development of the sphere, but also contributes to revitalization of activities and fundamental improvement of activities of the press services of ministries and agencies.

The significance of the resolution lies in the fact that the document specifically notes the implementation of targeted work on improvement the skills of representatives of press services of ministries and agencies. This, first of all, will ensure the improvement of their knowledge and professionalism in the sphere. Employees of press services of state bodies and organizations who have completed the advanced training course will master the skills of displaying, on behalf of the organization, the correct, objective and reasonable attitude to the problem under consideration. This will prevent the appearance of unofficial, one-sided and unreasonable information, and will eliminate ambiguities. As a result, public confidence in the work of state bodies will increase.

International experience is important in development of any sphere. This also applies to the media. We live in an era of accelerated time. New technologists, various modern methods and trends are being introduced in the media. Their study requires strengthening of relations with foreign countries in the field of media. In the resolution special attention is paid to this aspect. Now it is envisaged that in order to enhance the experience and study the activities of information services of foreign countries, members of the press services of state bodies and organizations will be included in the delegations going abroad. Mutual exchange of experience will expand the outlook and knowledge of journalists.

In general, creation by the resolution of the most favorable conditions for media activities will help establish a qualitative dialogue between the state and society, provide the population with prompt, objective and complete information about the goals, objectives, and results of reforms being carried out in the country, enhancing the transparency of activities of government and economic administration, as well as improving cooperation with public and increasing the efficiency of press services’ activities.          


Head of the Press Service of

the Executive Committee of

UzLiDeP Political Council

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