Fergana region

14.04.2023, 16:39
UzLiDeP representatives call on the population to actively participate in the referendum
A campaign dedicated to the referendum on the draft Constitutional law was organized in Buvayda district at the initiative of Fergana Regional ...
05.04.2023, 14:30
The honor and dignity of teachers will be comprehensively protected
Kokand Technical University hosted another promotional event on amendments and additions to the Constitution under the motto “This is my ...
25.08.2022, 14:16
Parliamentary Hearing: Discussion of the construction of residential buildings in Quva
A meeting of the deputy group of Kuva District Council of UzLiDeP was held. Deputies listened to the report of the Deputy Hokim of the district I. ...
01.08.2022, 09:42
Deputy solves problems of voters by working in mahallas
The deputies elected to Fergana City Council of UzLiDeP hold several charitable events and provide practical assistance to the population. The deputy ...
08.07.2021, 16:52
Master class for unemployed women and youth of Tashlak
Tashlak district council of UzLiDeP to popularize the work of exemplary household farms in the district and support their activities within the ...
25.01.2021, 16:31
The Address of the President is being studied
Fergana Regional Council of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party holds large-scale events aimed at ...
10.11.2020, 10:47
Deputy Speaker meets with Fergana entrepreneurs
Dilshodakhon Usmonova, elected from UzLiDeP, Deputy of Dangara district council, Head of Ayubkhon Textile LLC and Chairman of the primary party ...
29.10.2020, 10:08
Competition of Fergana women entrepreneurs
Fergana regional Council of UzLiDeP conducts the district (city) stages of “Ishbilarmon Ayol” competition. Thanks to such competitions, ...
15.10.2020, 11:11
Entrepreneur and Youth Meeting in Margilan
The “Youth Wing” of Margilan city council of UzLiDeP in Golden Valley Fasteners LLC, headed by the deputy of the city council Erkinjon ...
03.08.2020, 14:59
“Youth Parliament” will help increase the political knowledge of youth
In Uzbekistan, great attention is paid to participation of young people in the process of lawmaking. Organization of the “Youth ...

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