Fergana region

04.06.2020, 14:40
Greenhouses to be built on 5 acres for residents of a five-storey building under construction in Dasht village
As previously reported, a group of deputies headed by the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, the Head of UzLiDeP faction, ...
04.06.2020, 14:39
A group of deputies led by the Deputy Speaker get acquainted with activities of business entities, farms and private land owners in Fergana region
Meeting the needs of the population for food products, the balance of prices and food quality is inextricably linked with the efficient use of land ...
13.04.2020, 12:51
Completely new training system to be introduced in the healthcare sector
In the achievements of our country, of course, there is a significant contribution of healthcare workers. Because there is no development of society ...
12.12.2019, 10:40
UzLiDeP leader A.Khaitov meets with Fergana voters
In order to become acquainted with activities of entrepreneurs and farmers, to bring to the population the ideas and goals of the party, to conduct ...
16.10.2019, 15:32
Campaigns impress
Currently, activities are underway in Fergana region on preparations for the elections, which will be held on December 22 this year. A special role ...
02.08.2019, 10:25
“Has compensation been paid to people of Rishtan for demolished housing?” – this issue was studied by UzLiDeP deputies
Much attention in Uzbekistan is paid to creating amenities for the living of the population, transformation of territories. During a trip to Fergana ...
01.08.2019, 10:46
“Enter each home with party ideas!”
At the meeting in Fergana, devoted to discussion of the program and the pre-election program of UzLiDeP, proposals were made for further development ...
18.07.2019, 15:18
Forever flourish, my dear Uzbekistan!
Independence is a great treasure. Its foundation is a free, well-maintained life, peace and tranquility. That is why at all times all nations fought ...
28.06.2019, 12:10
UzLiDeP Youth Forum in Altyarik
The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan launched 5 important initiatives to increase attention to young people, their widespread involvement in ...
29.05.2019, 14:41
Youth and Internet culture
Youth Wing of Kokand city Kengash of UzLiDeP hosted a roundtable discussion within the framework of “Safe Internet” project.Main ...

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