Employment of Kuvasay residents

19.06.2020, 15:21

Employment of Kuvasay residents

Special attention is paid to addressing such issues as supporting citizens who have been left without work and lost their sources of income during the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring their employment, eliminating poverty, and solving problems of the population.

Deputies and party activists elected from UzLiDeP are taking an active part in carrying out work in this direction.

Members of UzLiDeP deputy group in Kuvasay city council of people’s deputies Azamjon Kosimov, Bakhtiyor Usmonov, Azizbek Kosimov study and solve the problems of unemployment among the population of the territory from which they are elected.

At the initiative of the deputy of Lashkar constituency, Azamjon Kosimov, the remaining 20 unemployed residents of the city were employed by Fayzli Munis Mebellar LLC.

Deputy of Mirzo Ulugbek constituency Bakhtiyor Usmonov hired 12 young citizens living in makhallas H. Olimjon and M. Ulugbek, to work at HAMKOR GROUP LLC. He took the initiative to allocate 20 acres for 25 residents of Nayman.

At the initiative of the deputy of Navoi constituency, Azizbek Kosimov, 10 young people began working at Vodiy Agro World LLC.

The party’s activist, member of the council Tursunali Khomidov, also took the initiative. At his suggestion, 20 people began to work in Zaman Building LLC, which he leads.

Deputies of the party and its electorate, entrepreneurs and farmers continue to work in this direction.


Executive Secretary of UzLiDeP Deputy Group in

Kuvasay City Council of People’s Deputies

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