How to join the party


1.1. The Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan establishes a fixed membership. A member of the Party can be every citizen of Uzbekistan who has reached the age of 18 years, acknowledging the Party program and the requirements of the Charter, regardless of gender, race, nationality, language, religion, social origin or position in society.

1.2. Membership in the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan is individual. Adoption of the Party is based on the application submitted to the Party organization at the place of residence or work, or to the relevant councils of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and Tashkent city, as well as areas (cities).

Individuals to become a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, the Party organization at their place of residence or work Party member is issued a certificate of the established sample.

1.3. The individualsare considered to be members of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, maywithdrawfreely from the Party, in writing stating this in the primary Party organization.

1.4. A Party member can be brought to disciplinary accountability or expelled from the Party for disobeying the Charter of the Party, action, insult or harm. The decision to expel from the Party is permitted by the district (municipal) Office parties and is submitted for approval to the regional Party organization.

The decision to expel from the Party members of the Councils of the regional Party organization and district (municipal) Party offices is permitted the regional Party organization and is approved by the Executive Committee of the political Council of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.

1.5. The decision to expel from the Party may be appealed to the higher Party bodies.

1.6. Member of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan may not be at the same time member of other parties or public associations (movements), created for political purposes.

1.7. Membership in the Party may be suspended in accordance with the law or suspended altogether. Under the law, a person with a suspended membership equal in status to the Party's supporters. Proponents of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan are not considered members.

1.8. Every citizen of Uzbekistan who has reached the age of 18 years, who supports the programme of action, the Charter and the Party can become a supporter of the Party.


2.1. The Member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan has the right:

  • to participate in the activities of Party organizations at various levels to express

their views freely and to make proposals for improving the activities of the Party;

- to elect the leadership of the Party, to refer to them with applications and proposals;

- to be put forward for the Party candidate in the legislative and executive bodies of state power;

- to be recommended as a representative of the Party in public associations, non-governmental not-for-profit organizations and foundations operating in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- to use the assistance of parties to protect their legitimate rights and interests, to receive counseling, legal and other assistance;

2.2. Member of Liberal-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan is obliged:

-to respect the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, laws, ethics and moral norms of society;

-to carry out the program and requirements of the Charter Party, strictly observe Party discipline;

-to fulfill decisions of the governing bodies of the Party;

-to contribute to the achievement of program objectives and tasks of the Party;

-to protect the interests of the parties, to promote her ideas, goals and objectives and actively involved in the implementation of them;

-to pay membership fees;

-to take regular Party training in the manner determined by the governing body or of the regional Party organization;

-in the case of Deputy legislative, representative body of State power to be part of Deputy association Party (faction, Party groups) and to act in accordance with the decisions of the Congress, the governing bodies and regional Party organizations.

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