Problems of each entrepreneur in Karshi district will be solved by a deputy

14.12.2020, 12:21

Problems of each entrepreneur in Karshi district will be solved by a deputy

If an entrepreneur encounters difficulties in the course of his activities, or finds himself in a pool of various problems, who can he turn to? Who can help him, who will intercede for him? Detailed answers were received to these and other questions during the forum “Dialogue of deputies and entrepreneurs”, which took place in Karshi district.

The dialogues, organized by Kashkadarya regional and Karshi district Councils of UzLiDeP, were attended by deputies of Karshi district Council of people’s deputies, entrepreneurs, heads of district departments of the tax committee, financial department, bank, district departments of Reception offices of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan for consideration of appeals of entrepreneurs, youth representatives those wishing to start their own business and media representatives.

The purpose of holding such events is to support small business and private entrepreneurship in the district, create opportunities and benefits for them within the framework of the current legislation, and assist in solving problems.

Thus, the problem, voiced by the head of LLC Sharofiddin Nurilla, Narzulla Namozov, about the delay in funds paid for transport services to the population, was studied in detail by employees of the bank, financial and tax authorities. It was decided to send a deputy’s request to the responsible bodies to resolve this issue.

Mahkam Doniyeva, who organized the activities of a family non-state preschool education institution on the territory of the district mahalla citizens’ assembly “Kovchin” and provides exemplary services to the population. At the same time, in order to enhance her activities, she began construction of a preschool education institution on the basis of state partnership on the territory of the MCA “Omontepa” of the neighboring district, and then she faced a number of artificially created obstacles, which she told about during the meeting.

– Earlier, I was allocated 12 acres of land, – says M. Doniyeva. – By the decision of the district hokim, another 10 acres of land was added to this area. On these 22 acres, the construction of a two-story kindergarten building for 150 places has already begun. I presented the documents for these land areas to the specialists of the district architecture department, but they did not develop the building project, and the documents were lost. This is how I waste time on these ordeals.

The decision of the issue of M. Doniyeva was entrusted to the deputy of the district Council of people’s deputies. At the event, in the appropriate order, specialists studied in detail the problems voiced by entrepreneurs, recommendations and instructions were given on them. A deputy of the district Council of people’s deputies was attached to each young entrepreneur, who will assist in solving his problems.

 Press Service of Kashkadarya

regional Council of UzLiDeP

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