Problems are solved with the assistance of deputies

05.05.2023, 12:34

Problems are solved with the assistance of deputies

Representatives of the people – deputies, through dialogue with the population, are actively engaged in eliminating the problems of voters in the territories from which they were elected.

A member of the deputy group of UzLiDeP in Nukus District Council of People’s Deputies Salamat Umatov met with voters of the citizens’ assembly of the mahalla. At the meeting, the appeal of the population on the demolition of the outdated wooden pedestrian bridge over the collector-drainage network and the construction of a new metal bridge was heard.

Currently, more than 3,500 people live in the mahalla. The outdated bridge has been a problem for many years. Walking on the outdated wooden bridge was dangerous, but the residents had to use it because there was no other way out. In addition, children used to go to school across this bridge.

The deputy studied the problem in detail, and as a result, on his initiative, with the assistance of the mahalla chairman and sponsors, the bridge was replaced with a new one. Thus the problem of the residents was solved by the intervention of the representative of the people. Now crossing the new bridge does not pose a danger not only to schoolchildren, but to all residents of the mahalla.

Press Service

of Karakalpak Council of UzLiDeP

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