Why makhallas included in the State program “Obod Makhalla” are not being improved?

25.10.2019, 17:09

Why makhallas included in the State program “Obod Makhalla” are not being improved?

“Manaviyat” makhalla of Bagat district was included in the State program “Obod makhalla” (Prosperous neighborhood) of 2018, work under the program was completed, but the hopes of the population did not came true. The work was not conducted qualitatively, resulting in many unsolved problems.

In this regard, the problems were studied on the spot by a member of the deputy group of UzLiDeP in Bagat district kengash of people’s deputies, Mahmudjon Masharipov.

It was found that in the makhalla streets Fayzli, Ravon yul, Gulchekhralar, Zafarli, Sariosiyo and Yosh sportchi there is no drinking water, although a water supply system on these streets was previously laid. On Kalb Street, problems with electricity, the population has to establish lighting by pulling wires on ordinary wooden poles. Lighting system is not repaired. Road repair is required on the streets of Kuyoshli, Buyuk Karvon and Yetakchilar. The asphalt is not laid on the road of the main street of Al-Kimyogar makhalla.

In order to solve these problems, a party deputy sent a deputy request on August 22 to the deputy khokim of Bagat district on the issues of development of industry, capital construction, communications and utilities, U. Matyakubov, but no answer was received. The work on solving the problem was not carried out.

Naturally, the question arises: when will these problems be eliminated? Other problems have been introduced into the State program, responsible officials say. And how can one explain the failure to execute the work that was included in the Program? When will a serious approach to parliamentary inquiries and execution of State programs be implemented? And when will the population of the makhalla be satisfied with the improvement of the makhalla?

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