The streets of the mahalla repaired after the deputy request

28.06.2021, 10:56

 The streets of the mahalla repaired after the deputy request

Having studied the condition of the roads of his constituency and the appeals of residents, the deputy of Bukhara regional and Council of people’s deputies and the Chairman of the city Council of UzLiDeP Halimjon Safarov sent a deputy request to the relevant organizations.

Thanks to his actions, the internal roads of Peshku district were included in the state program of the current year. Based on this, work has begun on the repair, foundation laying and asphalting of 600 meters of the internal economic road on Uzbekiston street of CAM “Yangibozor”.

During the work, 280 tons of asphalt concrete products were delivered, special vehicles, trucks of the brands “HAVO”, “Chakman” and more than twenty units of labor were used.

At the same time, work on repair and improvement was also carried out on 420 meters of the road of Tinchlik street of CAM “Chigirchi”, where more than 200 tons of asphalt concrete were used. Also, within two weeks, 310 meters of the internal economic road along Hamid Alimjan street of Mustakillik CAM were asphalted. 204 tons of asphalt concrete was used for this.

By such work, the deputy contributes to the solution of the problems of people. This increases the confidence of residents in their elected deputy.

Press Service of

Bukhara Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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