The deputy studied the mahallas included in Prosperous Village Program

28.06.2021, 10:56

The deputy studied the mahallas included in Prosperous Village Program

Thanks to the balanced policy implemented in the country, the ongoing reforms contribute to ensuring legitimate interests and raising the standard of living of the people. The expected results are yielded by the work on the “mahallabay” system, introduced to identify and eliminate problems at places.

The deputy of Syrdarya Regional Council of people’s deputies from the 14th electoral “Ittifoq” Sirojiddin Yariyev got acquainted with the work carried out in “Sentob” mahalla of Saykhunabad district, included in “Obod qishloq” (Prosperous Village) program in 2021 and, based on a new approach, held a meeting with voters. To eliminate problems and shortcomings, representatives of the relevant enterprises of the district and responsible persons were invited to the meeting.

Following the program, a 24-kilometer water pipeline is currently being laid in the mahalla, 6 water supply pipes are being repaired, and 2 wells are being prepared for commissioning. 10 kilometers of internal roads were repaired, 2 kilometers of footpaths were laid.

At the meeting, the problems of the mahalla population on various issues were heard. The main part of appeals with the assistance of responsible persons was resolved on the spot. On others, recommendations were given, and their decision was taken for deputy control.

The appeal of citizen Bakhodir Khamdamov about the construction of a gas pipeline to Barkamol Avlod Street under the leadership of S. Yariyev was studied with the responsible employees of the district gas supply company. As a result of the study, it was found that there is an opportunity for laying a gas pipeline and a decision was made to provide the residents of Barkamol Avlod Street with gas as soon as possible.

“Not only me, but also members of my family, residents of the street are grateful to Sirojiddin Yariyev for solving our problem”, said Bakhodir Khamdamov.

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