Bukhara region

08.01.2018, 11:56
Training seminar on the actual topic
The training seminar devoted to the study of the report of the President of our country at the solemn ceremony dedicated to the 25th anniversary of ...
12.12.2017, 10:08
Lectures of UzLiDeP serve to enhance the organizational skills of youth
The regional council of UzLiDeP organized a lesson to increase the leadership potential of youth in the Bukhara Engineering and Technology ...
01.11.2017, 18:49
Bukhara student's project aroused interest among entrepreneurs
In Bukhara region pays special attention to the full support of young people, enhancing their political knowledge and strengthen their sense of ...

Aminov Farmon Mavlyanovich

Chairman of the Council

Address: 5 Navoi Shokh str., Bukhara city

Phone: 0365 - 223-31-33

Fax: 0365 - 223-91-62

E-mail: bx@uzlidep.uz