Entrepreneurship Code will have a positive impact on Uzbekistan’s economic stability

27.11.2019, 17:44

Entrepreneurship Code will have a positive impact on Uzbekistan’s economic stability

In recent years, significant work has been carried out in the country to develop entrepreneurship. Part of the implemented work is related to the improvement of legislation in this area, and another part is related to its liberalization.

According to the analysis, as a result of the work carried out from January 1, 2017 to October 1, 2019, 141.9 thousand small businesses were formed. Currently, the number of active small businesses is 323 thousand. This means that there is one small business entity in our country for every 100 people.

It is appropriate to give figures for comparison:

— In China, with a total population of almost 1.5 billion people, 23 citizens are accounted for one small business entity,

— in Russia with a population of 147 million people – for 18 citizens,

— in the European Union with a population of 512 million people – for 17 citizens,

— in the United States with a population of 327 million people – for 9 citizens.

So, the calculations show that in order to achieve the level of developed countries in terms of these indicators, we need to increase the number of existing enterprises by five times.

In this regard, for further development of entrepreneurship, the party considers it necessary to organize new and ensure the effectiveness of existing free economic zones, expand their nomenclature and geography by stimulating and promoting exports, and create necessary conditions for accession of Uzbekistan to the World Trade Organization and other economic organizations.

It should be recognized that in recent years, as a result of practical work to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles in the sphere, the registration process of business entities have been simplified. Opportunities are created for carrying out the procedure in minutes. But there still remain problems arising in implementation by enterprises of their activities, and this negatively affects the improvement of the standard of living of business entities.

The reasons for this are the complexity of law enforcement practice in business, the presence of still remaining bureaucratic obstacles, certain difficulties in issuing permits for certain types of activities.

When conducting an inventory of legislation, it was established that at present more than 14 thousand laws and by-laws are streamlining the entrepreneurship. It is quite difficult for citizens who want to start an entrepreneurial activity to get acquainted with so many documents, and they can simply get confused in them. Therefore, for development of the sphere, it is first necessary to improve its legal framework, systematize legislative acts and create a single legal document of direct action.

In this regard, our party, as the Movement of Entrepreneurs, in its pre-election program forwards a proposal to adopt a single Entrepreneurship Code in order to provide opportunities for promising business, further improve and liberalize the legislation of the sphere, taking into account the presence of hundreds of legal acts and in accordance with the requirements of the present time.

The Entrepreneurship Code should be developed jointly with all government bodies, entrepreneurs and in studying the experience of developed countries.

We believe that it should reflect the legal foundations of entrepreneurial activity, including the types and forms of business entities, their rights and obligations, the main guarantees of entrepreneurial activity, the criteria for issuing permits for carrying out activities and the competent authorities for their issuance, streamlining the sphere of entrepreneurship by the state, registration system, state control of business entities, economic and social rules of doing business, restriction of monopoly and formation of a healthy competitive environment, the quality of goods and services system, participation of businesses in external economic activity, state support for entrepreneurship and benefits, a system of legal and economic relations between the business entities, the procedure for termination of an activity and other issues.

The adoption of this document will have a positive impact on further development of entrepreneurial activity in the country, an increase in the level of employment and incomes of the population, as well as on the economic stability of the country.


Head of Department of the Executive

Committee of UzLiDeP Political Council

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