Assistance provided to 105 families in Kasan

14.08.2020, 15:28

Assistance provided to 105 families in Kasan

During the quarantine period, a resident of Mashal district makhalla Feruza Dustboyeva found herself in a difficult situation. Supporting her disabled husband and 2 children fell on her shoulders.

Aksakals of the makhalla helped this family. They provided the family with food on a regular basis, provided material assistance. With the assistance of UzLiDeP activists and entrepreneurs, the family of Feruza Dustboyeva was given a cow.

In total, 105 socially needy families living in Kasan district, entrepreneurs have allocated 25 heads of cattle, 40 heads of sheep and goats, 900 chickens and 40 rabbits.

Press Service of

Kashkadarya Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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