Deputy hearings: Activities carried out in providing the population with high-speed Internet, loans and construction in Khorezm analyzed

28.07.2022, 09:25

Deputy hearings: Activities carried out in providing the population with high-speed Internet, loans and construction in Khorezm analyzed

A joint meeting of the deputy groups of UzLiDeP was held in Khorezm Regional, Urgench City Council of People’s Deputies and the Permanent Commission of Khorezm Regional Council of People’s Deputies on the local budget, implementation of economic reforms, investments and business development.

It was attended by representatives of Khorezm Regional Main Department of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the allocation of preferential loans based on the program “Every family entrepreneur”, the handicraft development program, the program “Youth our future”, the Khorezm branch of JSC Uzbektelecom to provide the population of Khorezm region with high-speed Internet access, the Khorezm branch of JSC Uzbektelecom on issues of implementation in construction work. Information was heard from the head of the department of the Main Construction Directorate of Khorezm region.

According to the report of responsible Khorezm Regional Main Department of the Central Bank, within the framework of the program “Every family entrepreneur”, commercial banks for the same period of this year sold goods for 36315.1 million UZS for livestock, 21,929.8 million UZS for poultry farming, 9,643.7 million UZS for the organization of greenhouses, 41,380.0 million UZS for clothing production, services for 104,793.9 million UZS, in production areas – 24,499.7 million UZS, resulting in employing 11,570 people.

It was recognized that along with the work carried out by the deputies in these areas, there are several problems that still await their solution. It was noted that there are still various shortcomings in obtaining a loan that need to be addressed.

On the second issue of the agenda, an information of responsible persons of Khorezm branch of JSC Uzbektelecom was heard. According to them, to create convenience for foreign tourists by organizing Wi-Fi zones in mahallas with high tourist potential and ancient history in Khorezm region, 5 special centers were organized at Urgench International Airport, 4 centers at Urgench Railway Atation, at the same time within the framework of the “Digital Uzbekistan-2030” strategy and the digital transformation program of Khorezm region for 2020-2022, a wireless broadband Wi-Fi center was created in 20 public places, as well as 3 centers at Khiva Railway Station and 34 in Ichan-Kala neighborhood of the city of Khiva.

To date, the level of Internet coverage (in relation to settlements) has been brought up to 92%, the share of coverage by fiber-optic communication lines (in relation to the population) – up to 98%.

The deputies considered the problems of interest to them and raised by voters in this area and received answers from experts.

An information of the head of the Department of the Main Directorate of Construction of Khorezm region on the activities carried out in construction was also heard.

In accordance with the “Obod Qishloq” (Prosperous Village) and “Obod Mahalla” (Prosperous Neighborhood) programs, in 2022 it is planned to carry out construction and repair work of 37 social facilities in the region for 75 billion 889 million UZS.

At the meeting, the deputies asked the person in charge questions related to this sphere. Suggestions and comments were made. The deputies, who recognized the report of the responsible person as satisfactory, based on the proposals and comments made, determined the measures for the activities being carried out.

Nasiba Vaisova,

Head of Department of Ideological Propaganda and Public Relations,

Khorezm Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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