Methods of applying modern technologies in elections are studied at party classes

13.09.2019, 14:53

Methods of applying modern technologies in elections are studied at party classes

Andijan regional kengash of UzLiDeP organized a training workshop on the issues of preparation and conduction of elections. It was attended by members of the faction of the party, representatives of party groups in district, city kengashes of people's deputies, party activists, and journalists.

At the workshop, main attention was paid to the coordination of the activities of outreach groups on the preparation and conduction of elections, as well as media coverage of the tasks of the pre-election campaign groups and election-related events.

Political knowledge of the participants was tested at the beginning of the training.

Organized and interesting workshop was facilitated by videos, slides, practical exercises and games.

“The opinions expressed at the workshop will be useful not only in the outreach process, but also in everyday life. At the workshop, I learned a lot. I’ll definitely use the acquired knowledge in training of candidates”, said the head of Khujaabad district office of the party, Bakhodirjon Saydolimov.

Distribution of tasks for members of the campaign headquarters was also discussed at the workshop. Conduction of meetings on active participation of organizations in Andijan region in the election campaign was noted, and appropriate decisions were made on the forthcoming activities. A calendar plan of pre-election events has been developed. Speakers drew the attention of the workshop participants to such issues as formation of headquarters at district kengashes, work with candidates, organization of activities of polling stations, outreach events, and the effective use of material and technical means.

Organizers of the event answered the questions of the workshop participants and journalists.

Maftuna Jalodinova,

Press Secretary of Andijan

Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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