Solving problems of small industrial zone in Shakhrikhan under discussion

19.06.2020, 15:20

Solving problems of small industrial zone in Shakhrikhan under discussion

A small industrial zone has been formed on 30 hectares of free area on Vakhm neighborhood of Shakhrikhan district. Construction work has already begun. A good business environment will be created here with implementation of 54 promising projects.

But why doesn’t work continue in this industrial zone? We tried to find the reasons for this. This issue was studied by a working group consisting of responsible persons of Andijan regional council of UzLiDeP and members of the deputy group in Shakhrikhan district council of people’s deputies. When choosing the territory for the industrial zone, it was taken into account that these lands are not fertile, with a low bondability. Deputies of UzLiDeP also take part in the improvement of the territory. For example, a deputy of the district council of people’s deputies Sherzodbek Maksudov is engaged in a laid water supply. To a certain extent, the issue of supplying natural gas and electricity has been resolved. There are not enough projects to increase electricity capacities.

The problem is the remote location of the industrial zone from the district center. So far, work is being carried out on only 14 out of the 30 hectares. 16 hectares are empty! Due to the remoteness of the territory and unresolved communal issues, individual entrepreneurs cannot begin construction work in this zone.

It is advisable to create small industrial zones closer to the district centers.

– The study of problems of the small industrial zone has yielded results, – said deputy of Shakhrikhan district council of people’s deputies, Chairman of the district council of UzLiDeP Kakhramonjon Sarimsakov. – This issue was resolved jointly with entrepreneurs. If you do not engage in entrepreneurial activity in a convenient territory, it is impossible to achieve certain results, improve the quality of work. And in this regard, we have one more proposal. During a pandemic, entrepreneurs in this zone must be provided with additional benefits in issues of registration of documents, they need to be simplified...

To date, only cadastral documents have been provided to 10 entrepreneurs. It was proposed to accelerate this process for other entrepreneurs.

 Press Service of

Andijan Regional

Council of UzLiDeP

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