12 hectares of land for 60 young people from Jambay

19.03.2021, 11:30

12 hectares of land for 60 young people from Jambay

At the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan, it was planned to allocate land for young people in 2021 for farming to ensure youth employment, create new jobs and develop entrepreneurship.

In accordance with this initiative, each of the 160 thousand unemployed young people in Samarkand region was allocated 15 acres at the expense of cotton plantations and other areas, in total – 24 thousand 571 hectares of land.

1500 hectares of land will be allocated to young people in Jambay district this year to ensure youth employment in the agricultural sector, financial support for young people, and the creation of jobs in rural areas.

At present, based on the compiled list in Jambay district, 4,000 young people have already been allocated 25 acres each. Thus, the foundation is laid for further efficient use of land areas, increasing family incomes and filling the domestic market with agricultural products.

Supporting entrepreneurship among young people, their active involvement in business is also the main task of UzLiDeP, as well as its faction in the parliament.

At the initiative of the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, the head of UzLiDeP faction Aktam Khaitov, 60 young people living in Besh Bola and Qora Muyin mahallas on the territory of the 4th sector, headed by the Hokim of Jambay district, Qayum Sobirov, were allocated 12 hectares of land from the farm “Normat Bobo” for farming.

“I am glad to be among the employed youth”, said 23-year-old Maftuna Abduvoitova. – My goal is to effectively use the conditions and opportunities created for young people, grow products on the allocated land and bring income to my family. We have already begun to work with our peers”.

“It is necessary to sow the planned agricultural crops on the lands allocated to the youth, to carry out all agrotechnical measures in stages before harvesting, to observe safety rules in the process of work, to apply advanced farming technologies”, said the head of UzLiDeP faction A. Khaitov.

Such measures are being implemented in all districts of the region.

Press Service of

Samarkand Regional Council of UzLiDeP


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Avazbek2021-02-24 19:45:47

Bu loyiha Qashqadaryoda qachon amalga oshiriladi?