There will be no list of persons without voting right

05.04.2023, 14:29

There will be no list of persons without voting right

Deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, member of UzLiDeP faction A.Tulegenova, deputy of Navoi Regional Council of People’s Deputies M.Eshniyozov held a promotional event at Navoi Mining and Technological University under the motto “I am involved in the New Constitution!”.

It was noted that the draft Constitutional Law in the local state government bodies abolishes the practice of leading hokims in councils of people’s deputies. The leadership of the councils will be carried out by chairmen independent of the hokims. Now deputies elected by the people from the region, districts (cities) can directly and objectively control the hokim’s activities.

“According to the amendments being introduced to the Constitution, there will be no list of people with limited voting rights”, deputy Akshagul Tulegenova said. – In accordance with the law and by a court decision, the right to participate in elections may be deprived of citizens recognized as incompetent, as well as persons held in places of deprivation of liberty by a court verdict for committing a grave and especially grave crime. That is, these persons cannot participate in elections if their voting right is limited by a court decision, at other times they have the right to participate in elections.

The updated Basic Law takes into account the interests of all sectors of society. The number of norms on human rights and freedoms, duties to the people has been increased several times. Because when developing the draft Constitutional law, the main criterion was the principle “Human interests are above all”.

The event was held in a high spirit and continued with a concert program.

Press Service of

Navoi Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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