The international initiatives of UzLiDeP

02.05.2023, 11:54

The international initiatives of UzLiDeP

The International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) unites more than 370 political parties of the Asian region, being an authoritative platform where current regional and global issues are discussed at the level of leading political parties of states, and ideas and experience are exchanged. In recent years, UzLiDeP has significantly stepped up its international cooperation with this structure.

At the 36th meeting of the ICAPP Standing Committee, held on 3 September 2021, an agreement was reached to establish a Business Council as an affiliated body of ICAPP to promote economic recovery from the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. As part of the implementation of this idea, in the city of Busan (Republic of Korea), the first meeting of the ICAPP Business Council is taking place on “Opportunities and Challenges of Asian Business in the Era of Climate Crisis”. It is attended by UzLiDeP representatives - Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP Sardor Giyosov, an active member of the party, entrepreneur Iftikhor Ziyoyev.

In our party, the chosen topic of the meeting of the ICAPP Business Council is considered relevant, as the countries of the world need specific recommendations that determine the future of sustainable development. Moreover, according to UzLiDeP, it is important to view the climate crisis as an opportunity to reform the global economy to stimulate clean and efficient energy.

In their speeches at the ICAPP Business Council, UzLiDeP activists focused the attention of the participants on the fact that political parties must think not only about today, but also about future generations. In this regard, UzLiDeP advocates reducing the energy intensity of energy and resources through the introduction of a transition strategy to a “green economy”, the widespread introduction of economical technologies into production, the expansion of the use of renewable technologies, and the development of nuclear energy.

Our party considers it important to increase the share of electricity production using renewable and alternative energy sources, providing reliable, safe, economical and efficient sources of electricity. During the debate, UzLiDeP representatives noted the importance of concentrating efforts on increasing electricity production by expanding capacities, modernizing and diversifying production.

At the meeting of the ICAPP Business Council, UzLiDeP representatives answered questions about the course and results of the national referendum on the adoption of the renewed Constitution, one of the initiators of which was the UzLiDeP faction in the country’s parliament. In particular, this concerned innovations that will strengthen the provision of human rights and freedoms, introduce the principle of “welfare state”, liberalize economic relations, etc., there are separate environmental standards. Thus, the renewed Constitution strengthens the requirements for the protection of natural resources, including water bodies and subsoil, as well as guarantees the adoption of measures to protect and restore the ecological system, social and economic development of the region near the Aral Sea.

At the event, UzLiDeP representatives put forward several international initiatives. So, this concerns the lack of information about the mechanisms for the implementation and construction of hydrogen energy infrastructure, especially in the context of small and medium-sized businesses. In this regard, the creation of an advisory body within the Business Council, which could organize the exchange of experience, technologies and investments in the field of hydrogen use, is increasing.

UzLiDeP representatives also came up with the initiative to consider the possibility of organizing various kinds of forums and exhibitions based on the Business Council to directly bring representatives of business communities with their innovative projects to expand the foreign trade turnover of the participating countries.

In conclusion, we would like to note that the established ICAPP Business Council will expand the role of political parties in promoting business and facilitating potential business and commercial cooperation in the region by expanding networks between major business communities. Thus, ICAPP, through inter-party cooperation, will contribute to the formation of a competitive Asian market that promotes an innovative path of economic development, the development and support of competition, and the creation of equal opportunities for entrepreneurial activity.

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