Who will solve problems of Chust’s population?

13.02.2019, 00:11

Who will solve problems of Chust’s population?

Chust district of Namangan region hosted an on-site reception of citizens by members of a working group consisting of deputies of the lower chamber of parliament and UzLiDeP Political Council Executive Committee’s employees.

At the meeting, special attention was paid to issues of repairing roads, development of entrepreneurship, creation of new jobs, ensuring employment and others.

The main part of the population’s appeals became questions and complaints in the sphere of labor relations and employment, banking and finance, taxation, provision of natural gas, electricity and drinking water, public utilities, road construction.

There are many problems in the district associated with the lack of drinking water. On hot days, residents have to bring water from remote areas, which causes a sharp rise in water prices. This causes public discontent.

“For many years we have been experiencing problems with clean drinking water. The water that we bring is also highly saline. There is also a problem with the transport, it is very difficult to get to the district center”, said a resident of Sherbilak MCG Orzigul Iriskulova.

Ibrokhim Miraliyev, who lives in Toymasobot MCG, appealed to the district khokimiyat with a request to allocate 20 acres of land for expanding his business. However, his appeal was not satisfied. After he turned to the working group, the problem found a solution.

A resident of the same makhalla Nargiza Ashurmatova wants to create a greenhouse on unused land of her private enterprise. But due to land allocation problems, she cannot fulfill her dream.

Deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis Rikhimjon Khakimov took the issue under his personal control.


Press Secretary of UzLiDeP’s

Namangan Regional Kengash


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