Conference of UzLiDeP’s Youth Wing

30.11.2020, 09:12

Conference of UzLiDeP’s Youth Wing

On November 25-26 this year, the Republican Conference of the Youth Wing of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP was held.

At the conference, held via videoconference with participation of deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, representatives of regional Councils of the party and activists of the Youth Wing, the results of the activities of the Youth Wing for the past period, work carried out within the framework of party projects and tasks for the future were summed up.

It was noted that the Youth Wing, the purpose of which is to unite the youth striving for innovations, the development of the country and the interests of the Motherland, the implementation of the program goals and objectives of the party, in recent years has been implementing a number of projects.

The projects “Personnel of a new generation”, “My place in parliament” and “Deputies of the future”, which unite young people interested in socio-political sphere, are especially significant. Thus, within the framework of the project “Personnel of a new generation”, memorandums of cooperation were signed with 28 universities of the country, a base of 2,321 students was formed who are interested in and support the UzLiDeP ideas. 860 of them were admitted to the ranks of the party, and 697 were included in the personnel reserve of the party.

One of the main tasks of the Youth Wing is considered to be training young people in entrepreneurship, vocational guidance and employment. In this sense, for young people wishing to engage in entrepreneurship, the Youth Wing carried out work within the framework of projects “Business youth”, “Young entrepreneurs”, “Young farmer”. Despite the conditions prevailing in connection with the pandemic, only this year, within the framework of these projects, 60 young entrepreneurs were allocated preferential loans in the amount of 1 billion 904 million UZS, 960 young people were employed, 221 people were included in a promising personnel reserve.

In order to create conditions for supporting promising young people, realizing their talents and establishing research and innovation activities, work was carried out within the framework of scholarship projects “Young innovators”, “Startup”, “Startup innovation”.

Speaking about the tasks for the future, the issue of further revitalizing the activities of the Youth Wing groups and encouraging the participation of youth in the activities of the party was considered. It was noted that the main task of the party is to unite youth in the name of a single idea and create a new mechanism for broad and effective participation of young people in the party’s outreach work.

For this, a roadmap of program activities was developed aimed at revising and improving the activities of the Youth Wing based on completely new requirements, expanding the ranks of party members at the expense of young people with deep knowledge and loyal to their homeland, supporting the potential and aspirations of young people.

The roadmap was considered at the reporting and election conferences held in all regional Councils of the Youth Wing, the opinions and proposals expressed were taken into account.

The roadmap also outlines such tasks as providing training for youth on the recommendation of the party at least twice a year at the courses of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, holding the republican competition “If I will become a deputy” within the framework of the party project “My place in Parliament”, organization of the Young Bloggers Club.

The main tasks of UzLiDeP’s youth policy include organizing a socio-political forum-dialogue “Youth tribune” dedicated to discussing urgent problems of youth, increasing the fund of UzLiDeP Libraries to 500 thousand popular books, preparing audio format of books popular among young people. A broad discussion of draft laws on youth considered in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis is of great importance.

Participants of the conference thoroughly discussed the project and, based on the proposals of youth, approved the roadmap. An updated charter of the Youth Wing of UzLiDeP was also adopted at the conference.

In the second half of the day, participants of the conference held trainings in groups. In the course of the training, representatives of regional party organizations made presentations of activities for the organization of local roadmaps and party projects. In the action plans, as important tasks, it is planned to increase the interest of young people in entrepreneurship, popularize the activities of experienced young business leaders, vocational guidance and provision of employment for unemployed youth, including those included in the “youth notebook”.

The focus during the dialogue was on discussion of the mechanism of cooperation with state and non-state organizations for organizing the effective activities of the Youth Wing and achieving high efficiency of party projects.

On the second day of the conference, a roundtable discussion was organized with participation of deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis. At the meeting of youth and deputies, they talked about the attention paid by the state to youth, the role and importance of youth in all spheres, the importance of the law “On state youth policy in Uzbekistan”, adopted on September 14, 2016, in the life of youth. It was noted that other important decrees, resolutions, laws are adopted regarding the activities of youth, which take into account the proposals and opinions of young people, which serves as a model of attention paid to youth.

During an open conversation, the deputies gave detailed answers to questions from young people.

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