Sirdaryo region

10.11.2020, 10:45
Deputy Speaker visits Saykhunabad district
Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, Head of UzLiDeP faction Aktam Khaitov arrived in Saykhunabad district. In the district ...
24.07.2020, 14:01
UzLiDeP deputies solve problems of the population
Deputies of Syrdarya district council contribute to solving the problems of the population.For example, Uktam Muhamedov, member of UzLiDeP deputy ...
25.05.2020, 10:33
Assistance of UzLiDeP deputies
The best qualities of a person are to help people in distress. And this quality is possessed by UzLiDeP deputies.Employees of the regional party ...
13.05.2020, 09:56
Chairman of Syrdarya regional council of UzLiDeP provides assistance to 2000 families
Chairman of Syrdarya regional council of UzLiDeP, head of Bek Cluster LLC, U. Sotiboldiyev, in order to improve the living standards of the needy ...
02.05.2020, 12:08
Assistance to needy families
In these days of trial, compatriots have united and everyone, if possible, strive to do charity work. Within the framework of “Generosity and ...
26.04.2020, 14:40
UzLiDeP deputies provide irrigation of homestead land
During these days, UzLiDeP deputies in the council of people’s deputies of the city of Yangiyer in their constituency territories assist ...
20.12.2019, 10:07
Meeting of the candidate for deputy P. Akhmedjanova with voters
A candidate for deputy to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis from the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople — the Liberal ...
12.12.2019, 10:49
Candidate for deputy P. Akhmedjanova meets with voters
Khurriyat Palace of Culture in Bayaut district hosted a meeting of the candidate for deputy, nominated by UzLiDeP to the Legislative Chamber of the ...
25.10.2019, 17:13
Dialogue of UzLiDeP deputy with the youth of Syrdarya
The Department for Youth Affairs of Syrdarya Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP at Gulistan State University organized a meeting “Deputies and ...
23.09.2019, 18:00
Greenhouses are built in 145 Sardoba's houses this year
“Fargona” and “Sokhibkor” farms of Sardoba district hosted a workshop on “Resowing, organizing the efficient use of ...

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