UzLiDeP Youth Business Tour: Akhangaran youth tell about their business plans

25.08.2022, 14:15

UzLiDeP Youth Business Tour: Akhangaran youth tell about their business plans

On June 30 this year, in a festive greeting dedicated to the Youth Day, the Head of the state Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that ensuring youth employment is considered an urgent task.

To ensure employment of young people, to attract them to entrepreneurship, the party conducts UzLiDeP Youth Business Tours.

The business tour, organized by the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP together with the Department of Tashkent Regional Council of the party for working with youth and business structures, was also carried out to provide employment for young people and attract them to entrepreneurship.

The business tour was conducted at an enterprise that was created based on a small family business. Today there are 15 management personnel and 130 employees. This indicates the correct choice by the entrepreneur of the way of activity.

It was emphasized that the enterprise, which provides the domestic market with high-quality import-substituting sanitary ware made of porcelain and faience, is also being transformed into a plant whose activities will be aimed at exporting products.

It was noted that the development path of the enterprise, which has taken a worthy place in manufacturing building materials, can serve as an exemplary school for young people.

The head of the enterprise, Asomkhon Abbasov, told the youth the story of the creation of this limited liability company and provided information about the products.

It was noted with satisfaction that private entrepreneurship is being comprehensively supported in the country, opportunities for business development are being created, Open Dialogues with Entrepreneurs are being held with the participation of the Head of the state, and entrepreneurship is recognized as one of the foundations for the development of the country’s economy. All this gives strength to entrepreneurs. It was noted that young people need to effectively use the opportunities provided.

In the workshops of the enterprise, young people got acquainted with the process of mold preparation, mass preparation, casting and packaging of products. Specialists and craftsmen talked with the participants of the business tour.

Zukhro Mirzokhamdamova,

Department Head,

Tashkent Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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